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Technology to Simplify Process

Technology is there to aid productivity, we build technology to enhance and augment processes.

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For you to stay connected to your business you need to know what is going on in real-time! We build custom admin rights based reporting portals with the data your business generates.

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Development Process

We include you in the development process to make sure that your solution is exactly what you need to ensure your business flourishes.

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Custom solutions

Every solution we build is a customised solution as your business is unique. We build your solution from existing modules and in this way we reduce cost and development time.

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Robust Technology

We use the latest tried and tested technologies to ensure that your solution can scale and handle any workload, adhere to your security requirements, integrate with any trusted third party.

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Responsive Designs

All our front-end solutions are built to scale accross all your devices. This allows you to access your solution anytime, anywhere with any device.

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Let us help

We take your processes and simplify it from cradle to grave.

What we do

Technology to simplify process

Streamlining your business technology can make life less of a headache for everyone. The question is where to start?

We always ask what is your core business, what are the things that are most important for you to ensure that your business can keep running optimally and that will enable your business to scale. We find that for most companies the answer revolves around the accurate collection of data. More specifically the data surrounding their key economic drivers.

Business has changed significantly with the introduction of affordable cloud computing (internet) solutions for main stream business. We flourish in this space where processes needs automation by removing paper and introducing web based solutions.

Our proprietary workflow, payment and billing technologies enables us to take most processes from cradle to grave for our clients.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your business.

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We always strive to better our solutions as we believe there is always room for improvement. This philosophy pushes us to always remain innovative in our thinking and in our solutions.


We believe that technology should enhance existing processes. We start with the focus on understanding what is the current processes that are in place and how can a technology solution enhance and augment these processes


We build and own all our technologies, we know your needs are unique and can therefore custom build your solution without the exorbitant costs associated with typical platform based technologies.


We design our front end solutions to be responsive and optimised for all screen sizes. This means that all profiles that have access to their own portal can access their portal from any web enabled device; this includes all tablets, smart phones and other portable internet enabled devices.


All our products can be accessed directly from your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. By the click of a button you can access all documentation relating to your portal that your require.

Technologies we cant go without

Choosing the correct technologies for any project is crucial. Every particular project has its unique requirements. On all projects, we take in consideration the support that the technologies will continue to receive from the developing communities, the ability to update/replace the technologies as better technologies become available and the scalability of the technologies, for instance how does the technologies handle large traffic spikes?

The final selected technologies we use are always technologies that we have proved to work well together and technologies that we know will deliver on all the desired outcomes.

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Core business is where a company's resources perform most effectively and where it has been determined the best long term opportunities are for creating value. Focusing on ones core business increases the likelihood of success. We do technology solutions and it is our core business.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Our typical well-suited client

Business process automation is required in most businesses. We have found that in the financial industry there is a particular need for these services, therefore our clients are mostly in the insurance, accounting and payment sectors.

Our typical client need some of the following:

  • Process automation / paperless environment
  • Rights based admin portals
  • Assistance in the payment processes, debtors and collections
  • Activity and control reports
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What we do - We build technologies to enable and promote productivity.

Technologies - We use the best technology available for each project.

Examples - Our clients like to work with us because we custom build to their needs and desires.

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